Unsure if your cover letter fully captures why you’re perfect for that job?

Know what you want to say in that personal essay but not sure how to phrase it?

Confident about what you’ve written but wanting a second set of eyes to make sure you’ve expressed everything as well as you can?

The most interesting story in the world is dull if not told well.

WriteAid is a team of editors who will work with you one-on-one to find the perfect words for any writing project. Whether it’s a speech, an essay, an email, or a resume: We have the tools to help you express yourself clearly and compellingly. And we’ll share these tools with you in a way that bolsters your confidence for tackling every writing project in your future.

Our most common projects include:

- application assistance such as essays, resumes, and cover letters

- interview prep for colleges, scholarships, and internships



Here's what our clients say about us:

WriteAid’s editing goes far beyond grammar and syntax, to include insightful big-picture tips and recommendations to make your writing better. You can’t ask for more!
— Jack L., biology and journalism major at UNC-Chapel Hill
As WriteAid has helped me with everything from my resume to applications for summer opportunities, I have seen my writing skills improve markedly. Now I’m even getting better grades on my essays for school. You get more than just editing help when you use WriteAid!
— Riti S., high school junior