I engaged WriteAid to write my professional description for LinkedIn, and to rewrite my vision and mission statement for a dinner event concept I started. In both cases, with what I thought was not much data, the WriteAid editor seemed to get inside my head and give voice to who I was and what my desires were with regard to career and to the new venture.

Lisa C., creative entrepreneur in Nashville

I personally have had a hard time with application essays as I often have run-on and rambly sentences. WriteAid always manages to help me cut down responses while improving the clarity of the content. And after the edits, it still sounds like me! I love that WriteAid improves my writing while maintaining my voice.

Yasamin S., medical student at ECU

WriteAid has enabled me, coached me, and given me the confidence to continue to write despite writer's block or any frustration I might feel in the writing process. They are dependable, insightful, and quick, editing with professionalism and creativity. These editors do an immaculate job in maintaining the focus and direction I intend while perfecting the details in a way I have never been able to.

Mary M., business and policy major at UNC-Chapel Hill

WriteAid is able to make my ideas more cohesive and concise while preserving my voice. (I don't want my writing to sound like someone else, I just want it to be a better version of me!) When I was writing med school essays, the editing also guided my writing to make sure that it addressed my personal goals for what I wanted to get across in the essay. I am so grateful for WriteAid’s insight and improvements!

Kemper R., UNC Hospital medical scribe

I have used WriteAid to edit my resume, cover letters, personal bios and everything in between. I am so appreciative of WriteAid’s services because they not only guarantee proper grammar, spelling and sentence structure, but also bring life and eloquence to my writing. These editors truly know how to say exactly what I want to say, but more concisely. They always pull together my sloppy writing in a beautiful and coherent way.

Janie L., youth and community studies major at UT-Austin

Our academic research is very technical and scientific in nature, but we often need to communicate the work to the public. WriteAid gave us expert guidance in formulating and expressing clear messages for lay audience, including shaping the core ideas and the language for a TEDx talk from our group.

James C., founder & director of the Vanderbilt Vaccine Center

WriteAid has consistently provided constructive criticism on my writing and helped me make tangible improvements on the final products. Whether it's a resume, a news article or a personal blog piece, I know that I can come to them with my projects and receive validation about my writing and advice on how to improve it. After every editing session we've had together, I've left more confident about my piece and ready to present it to my audiences. 

Brooke E., freelance writer in Telluride, CO